M: +61 447 140 594


I: @screenkate

Based in Sydney's inner west, Kate works as a freelance director, cinematographer and photographer. 

After studying under full scholarship at Sydney Film School in 2013, Kate worked at Panavision Sydney where she managed the flow of equipment used on various commercials, television productions and feature films. 

Since then Kate has begun to make her mark shooting comedy- most notably acting as DoP for sketch show Freudian Nip (ABC iView's Fresh Blood initiative) and the independent web-series ‘All We Have Is Now’ and ‘The Real Bloggers of Sydney’, with a combined viewership of 100k+ online. Kate's direction and screenwriting has picked up awards at Sydney Underground Film Festival (Juror's Choice for 'Biting Down') and Willoughby Film Festival (Best Screenplay for 'The Gesture’). 

As a young filmmaker involved in the LGBT community, Kate is passionate about capturing the queer experience on film and will continue to push for these stories to be heard. 

Kate has the sufficient camera set up (GH5) for short form documentary and online TVC's. Please contact for further enquiries. 



- So Loud - Nat Conway (MV), 1st AC & Gaffer, Sony Music (April)

-New India Times - Andrew Samuel (MV), Director & DoP (April)

- A Girl Is A Half-Formed Thing (web promo vid), DoP (April)

-Cruise - Capture (MV), DoP, Warner Music (March)

-The Real Bloggers of Sydney (webseries), DoP, (Februrary) 

-Hyper Galaxy Star Ship Team (short film), Gaffer, Prod. by The Pool Collective (February)

-2 Minutes (short film), DoP,  Dir. Aaron Lucas (February)

-Ellie, Abbie and Ellie's Dead Aunt (feature film proof of concept), DoP, Dir. Monica Zanetti (January)

-Trolley'd (doco), Director/DoP, (January)


-The Clique (short film), DoP, Dir. Aaron Lucas (December)

-Tiger Beer (TVC), 2nd A.C./ D.I.T, The Pool Collective, Black Magic Ursa Mini (December)

-Faces of Education, (4x TVC's), Director & DoP, Prod. By Good Chat Tv/ NSW Department of Education, GH5 (November)

-Saturday Night - Bridie Connell (MV), Gaffer, DoP Dan Abbot, Canon C300 mk ii (November)

-Flume- TBA (MV), DIT/ 2nd A.C, Red EPIC, The Pool Collective (November)

-I Do (3x microshorts), DoP, Prod. by On The Deck Productions, GH5 (November)

-Luck Feels Good - Andrew Samuel (MV), DoP, Dir. Travis Jeffery, GH5 (October)

-Little Monsters (feature film), Director's Attachment,  Dir. Abe Forsythe, (Nov/Dec)

-Rob Whittaker, Indigenous Pathways (short doco), Director/ DoP, Prod. by 6 Degrees Media, Panasonic GH5 (October)

-All We Have Is Now (webseries), DoP, Dir. Gretel Vella & Emme Hoy, Sony A7sii (October)

-(IN)ADEQUATE (webseries), DoP, Dir. David Burrows, Sony A7sii (October)

-Free Bleed (short), DoP, Dir. Zoe Rae, Sony A7sii (Sept)

-I Fucked A Mermaid And Nobody Believes Me (short), Production Stills, Dir. Madeline Gottlieb (Sept)

-CODA (short), DoP, Prod. by Thomas Wilson White/ Good Chat Tv, RED EPIC (August)

-Shiloh (short), Production Stills, Dir. Vanessa Gazy (August)

-Young Henry's (TVC), 1st A.C., DP Ashley Barron, Canon C300 Mk ii (July)

-Feel Real - Agean Sun (MV), DoP, Red EPIC (July)

-Ruel (live performance MV), 1st A.C., DP Steve Arnold ACS, Sony Fs7/Fs5 (June 2017)

-Dan Sultan (live performance MV), 1st A.C., DP Steve Arnold ACS, Sony Fs7/Fs5 (June 2017)

-Tom Jay Williams "Closure" (MV), 1st A.C., DP Steve Arnold ACS, Sony Fs7/Fs5 (June 2017)

-No Frills Twins "Love Me Tender" (live performance MV), 1st A.C., DP Steve Arnold ACS, Sony Fs7/Fs5 (June 2017)

-CYRUS (live performance MV), Cam Op, DP Steve Arnold ACS, Sony Fs7/Fs5 (June 2017)

-Kast Away (MV), Cam Op, DP Steve Arnold ACS, Sony Fs7/Fs5 & Ronin (June 2017)

-Wafia (live performance MV), Cam Op, DP Steve Arnold ACS, Sony Fs7/Fs5 & Ronin (June 2017)

-Reaching Distance (Feature Film), production stills (June 2017)

-Freudian Nip (ABC iView Fresh Blood sketch pilot), Director of Photography, Sony Fs5 (April 2017)

-Broken Branch (short), production stills, (April 2017)

-Shadows (short), 2nd A.C, DP Adric Watson, Alexa XT (April 2017) 

-Clucky (TV comedy Pilot), 2nd A.C & Second Unit DoP, DP Jay Grant, Alexa XT (March 2017)


-No Divide- Sticky Fingers (MV), production stills (Nov. 2016)

-Dirt Tin (short), production stills (Nov. 2016)

-Stranger (short), production stills (Nov. 2016)

-The Death of George Montgomery (short), production stills (Sept. 2016)

-Jade of Death (webseries), 2nd A.C, production stills, DP Gregoire Liere, BMCC (Aug. 2016)


-Hustler, 2nd A.C., DP Vitor Queiroz, Sony F55 (Sept. 2015)

-Brother, 1st A.C., DP Ben Blyth, RED Dragon (Aug. 2015)

-Handbook for Surviving Terrorism, 1st A.C., DP Glenn Hanns, c500 (Jan. 2015)


-House of Leaves, 1st A.C., DP Andy Progulakis, Sony f5 (Nov. 2014)

-The Finding, DoP, cam op, Sony F5 (Nov. 2014)

-Silent Disco (MV), 1st A.C., DP Glenn Hanns, C500 (sept. 2014)

-Daisies Kill, Writer, Director, Editor (Sept-Nov. 2014)

-Amy Danzig, (web series) 2nd A.C., cam op, DP Francesco Cardinale, Canon C100 (sept. 2014)

-Grandfather Paradox, 2nd A.C., cam op, DP Gareth Tilson, Sony f5 (Aug. 2014)

-Thug’s Love, DOP, cam op sony f5 (Aug. 2014)

-Grace, DOP, cam op sony f5, BMPCC (July 2014)


-Biting Down, Writer, Director, Editor, DOP (Nov. 2013)

-Walk with Me, DOP, Dir. Andy Progulakis, Canon c300 (Sept. 2013)

-Riding Shotgun, Editor, Dir. Robin Kover, AVID media composer (May 2013)

-Culture or Costume? (doco), Director, DOP, Editor, (June 2013)

-Anna, Continuity, Dir. Sara Glaoua (April 2013)


-Sony Fs5, Fs7, F5, F3, F55, F65,
-Canon C100, C300, C500

-BMCC, BMPC, Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro
-Any DSLR such as 5d MK iii.
-All Mirrorless stills cameras (As7ii, GH5 etc)

-Premiere CC, AVID Media Composer, FPC7 & X, DaVinci Resolve


-The Gesture (Writer), Winner of Best Screenplay (2015 Willoughby Film Festival)

-Daisies Kill (Dir.), Winner of FILM INK audience award (2014 SFS festival)

-Biting Down (Dir.), Judges’ High Commendation award (2014 SUFF)

-Culture Or Costume (Dir.), Best Editing in a Documentary (2013 SFS festival)

-Aspi[r]e (Dir.), Robin Anderson award for best film, best senior fiction (2012 Robin Anderson Film Awards)

-Awarded full scholarship ($23,000) to attend Sydney Film School (2012 Robin Anderson Film Awards)