Current Employment:

Technical & Tutorial Support at AFTRS (June 2016-present) Casual
Management of AFTRS equipment storeroom, technical assistant for both award and open courses, shooter/editor of interviews for course content. 

Rental Technician at Sun Studios (September 2017- present) Casual
Assisting in the rental department at Sun Studios, troubleshooting film and photography lighting and equipment. 

Past Employment:

Prep technician at Panavision Sydney (from Feb 2015- June 2016). full time

This position required the extensive knowledge and troubleshooting of all cinema cameras rented through Panavision in combination with lenses, grip and camera accessories. I was also obligated to liaise with 1st A.Cs and our Client Contacts during each booking. 

Sydney Film School- Casual teaching (Cinematography, editing), High School Distinction course,   2013-present. WWC clearance number- WWC1186743E

Production Work: 


-Trolley'd (doco), Director/DoP, (January)


-The Clique (short film), DoP, Dir. Aaron Lucas (December)

-Tiger Beer (TVC), 2nd A.C./ D.I.T, The Pool Collective, Black Magic Ursa Mini (December)

-Faces of Education, (4x TVC's), Director & DoP, Prod. By Good Chat Tv/ NSW Department of Eduction, GH5 (November)

-Saturday Night - Bridie Connell (MV), Gaffer, DoP Dan Abbot, Canon C300 mk ii (November)

-Flume- TBA (MV), DIT/ 2nd A.C, Red EPIC, The Pool Collective (November)

-I Do (3x microshorts), DoP, Prod. by On The Deck Productions, GH5 (November)

-Luck Feels Good - Andrew Samuel (MV), DoP, Dir. Travis Jeffery, GH5 (October)

-Little Monsters (feature film), Director's Attachment,  Dir. Abe Forsythe, (Nov/Dec)

-Rob Whittaker, Indigenous Pathways (short doco), Director/ DoP, Prod. by 6 Degrees Media, Panasonic GH5 (October)

-All We Have Is Now (webseries), DoP, Dir. Gretel Vella & Emme Hoy, Sony A7sii (October)

-(IN)ADEQUATE (webseries), DoP, Dir. David Burrows, Sony A7sii (October)

-Free Bleed (short), DoP, Dir. Zoe Rae, Sony A7sii (Sept)

-I Fucked A Mermaid And Nobody Believes Me (short), Production Stills, Dir. Madeline Gottlieb (Sept)

-CODA (short), DoP, Prod. by Thomas Wilson White/ Good Chat Tv, RED EPIC (August)

-Shiloh (short), Production Stills, Dir. Vanessa Gazy (August)

-Young Henry's (TVC), 1st A.C., DP Ashley Barron, Canon C300 Mk ii (July)

-Feel Real - Agean Sun (MV), DoP, Red EPIC (July)

-Ruel (live performance MV), 1st A.C., DP Steve Arnold ACS, Sony Fs7/Fs5 (June 2017)

-Dan Sultan (live performance MV), 1st A.C., DP Steve Arnold ACS, Sony Fs7/Fs5 (June 2017)

-Tom Jay Williams "Closure" (MV), 1st A.C., DP Steve Arnold ACS, Sony Fs7/Fs5 (June 2017)

-No Frills Twins "Love Me Tender" (live performance MV), 1st A.C., DP Steve Arnold ACS, Sony Fs7/Fs5 (June 2017)

-CYRUS (live performance MV), Cam Op, DP Steve Arnold ACS, Sony Fs7/Fs5 (June 2017)

-Kast Away (MV), Cam Op, DP Steve Arnold ACS, Sony Fs7/Fs5 & Ronin (June 2017)

-Wafia (live performance MV), Cam Op, DP Steve Arnold ACS, Sony Fs7/Fs5 & Ronin (June 2017)

-Reaching Distance (Feature Film), production stills (June 2017)

-Freudian Nip (ABC iView Fresh Blood sketch pilot), Director of Photography, Sony Fs5 (April 2017)

-Broken Branch (short), production stills, (April 2017)

-Shadows (short), 2nd A.C, DP Adric Watson, Alexa XT (April 2017) 

-Clucky (TV comedy Pilot), 2nd A.C & Second Unit DoP, DP Jay Grant, Alexa XT (March 2017)


-No Divide- Sticky Fingers (MV), production stills (Nov. 2016)

-Dirt Tin (short), production stills (Nov. 2016)

-Stranger (short), production stills (Nov. 2016)

-The Death of George Montgomery (short), production stills (Sept. 2016)

-Jade of Death (webseries), 2nd A.C, production stills, DP Gregoire Liere, BMCC (Aug. 2016)


-Hustler, 2nd A.C., DP Vitor Queiroz, Sony F55 (Sept. 2015)

-Brother, 1st A.C., DP Ben Blyth, RED Dragon (Aug. 2015)

-Handbook for Surviving Terrorism, 1st A.C., DP Glenn Hanns, c500 (Jan. 2015)


-House of Leaves, 1st A.C., DP Andy Progulakis, Sony f5 (Nov. 2014)

-The Finding, DoP, cam op, Sony F5 (Nov. 2014)

-Silent Disco (MV), 1st A.C., DP Glenn Hanns, C500 (sept. 2014)

-Daisies Kill, Writer, Director, Editor (Sept-Nov. 2014)

-Amy Danzig, (web series) 2nd A.C., cam op, DP Francesco Cardinale, Canon C100 (sept. 2014)

-Grandfather Paradox, 2nd A.C., cam op, DP Gareth Tilson, Sony f5 (Aug. 2014)

-Thug’s Love, DOP, cam op sony f5 (Aug. 2014)

-Grace, DOP, cam op sony f5, BMPCC (July 2014)


-Biting Down, Writer, Director, Editor, DOP (Nov. 2013)

-Walk with Me, DOP, Dir. Andy Progulakis, Canon c300 (Sept. 2013)

-Riding Shotgun, Editor, Dir. Robin Kover, AVID media composer (May 2013)

-Culture or Costume? (doco), Director, DOP, Editor, (June 2013)

-Anna, Continuity, Dir. Sara Glaoua (April 2013)


-Sony Fs5, Fs7, F5, F3, F55, F65,
-Canon C100, C300, C500

-BMCC, BMPC, Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro
-Any DSLR such as 5d MK iii.
-All Mirrorless stills cameras (As7ii, GH5 etc)

-Premiere CC, AVID Media Composer, FPC7 & X, DaVinci Resolve


-The Gesture (Writer), Winner of Best Screenplay (2015 Willoughby Film Festival)

-Daisies Kill (Dir.), Winner of FILM INK audience award (2014 SFS festival)

-Biting Down (Dir.), Judges’ High Commendation award (2014 SUFF)

-Culture Or Costume (Dir.), Best Editing in a Documentary (2013 SFS festival)

-Aspi[r]e (Dir.), Robin Anderson award for best film, best senior fiction (2012 Robin Anderson Film Awards)

-Awarded full scholarship ($23,000) to attend Sydney Film School (2012 Robin Anderson Film Awards)